Born in Florida in 1967, Christina Foard lived in 13 different houses by the time she was 12, as her family followed her father’s Navy career. During an ever-changing childhood, drawing became Foard’s primary means of entertainment.  Eventually settling in Ohio, Foard received her BFA in Painting/Printmaking from the University of Cincinnati in 1991, but opted for a career in corporate communications and moved to Washington DC. It wasn’t until her marriage ended suddenly in 2003 that Foard returned to painting, with a repressed urgency. Within 5 years of moving to Jacksonville, FL, Foard began to show her paintings publicly and within another 5 years, she had participated in 3 solo shows and 25 group shows. But as a newly single mother of three children, ages 5, 4, and 3, full-time employment was a necessity, so she also began a career as an arts administrator.  She served as Public Programs Manager for the Cummer Art Museum and later Director of Arts in Medicine at the University of Florida Health Medical Center. 

During her position at the UF Health Medical Center, Foard facilitated and designed interdisciplinary healing arts projects and community engagement projects. Philosophically, Foard saw art as a vehicle for collaboration, conversation, and expression, particularly to ward off depression and isolation. By 2010, these projects inspired Foard to initiate a public art exhibition in collaboration with another artist, Imagination Squared, which included works from almost a thousand community artists, and was installed at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville. In 2011, the 20’ x 50’ exhibition of 910 works of art was gifted to the City of Jacksonville.

Foard’s art is process-driven, whose architectural lines contrast with organic shapes, creating a feminine/masculine dialogue. Foard looks to nature as a key influence for her movement themes: wind, rain storms, falling leaves, butterflies, cloud formations, or sea grasses moving with waves. Most recently, Foard has focused on memories and imagined still-life abstractions.

Key artists that influence Foard’s work include Bonnard, Guston, Aubrey Levinthal, Bob Thompson, Hesse, Twombly, Mitchell. Foard’s work is in the Cummer Museum Permanent Collection as well as several other public and private collections.