March 2017

On March 18th, we will be opening a Spencer McMullen solo exhibition as the inaugural exhibition of our Project space in the Five Points district of Jacksonville. On March 31st, we will be opening a Christina Foard solo exhibition, of her most recent paintings, at our flagship Florida Mining location off of Philips Highway.


Compressed Air: Recent Paintings by Christina Foard

Christina Foard grew up constantly moving around the country. Her family followed her father's demanding career in the Navy, and she would live in 13 houses by the time she was 12 years-old. Foard took an extended hiatus from her art, but would return to painting with a repressed urgency after suffering an abrupt divorce in 2003. Today, she is a well known abstract painter, celebrated in many collections, and participating in residency programs and exhibitions across the country.

This exhibition will celebrate Foard's most recent body of work. The show will open on March 31st, at 7pm.


LYNWOOD: Spencer McMullen Solo Exhibition

Spencer McMullen is a young artist, a Jacksonville-native, whose work is heavily influenced by ideas of intimacy and identity. Based in Los Angeles, McMullen's work is aligned with ideas of celebrity. Many of his drawings become adorned with contemporary American iconographies, such as the flag, prevalent brands, and themes of consumption infiltrate McMullen's work. He juxtaposes opposing symbols in order to question standards within society.

In the inaugural exhibition at our project space in the Five Points district of Jacksonville, Florida, we will be presenting Spencer McMullen's first solo exhibition, "LYNWOOD." 

The show will open on Saturday, March 18th, at 7pm.

Location: 1037 Park Street (2nd Floor)
Jacksonville, FL 32204



We are pleased to feature an adventurous selection ofartists to celebrate the 7th Anniversary of the Florida Mining Gallery.

The name of the show "OSSACHITE MOCAMA" is inspired from two of the original names of our city: “Ossachite” and “Mocama.” These originate from the tribes that called North Florida their home starting in 2000 BC. Native Americans, French, Spanish and many other cultures have come together here in this area to create a rich and wonderful history and a hopeful future.

This curated show will include a select few of the artists we have previously shown, as well as some guests from other areas that also love our city.