Press - Ke Francis


Start the Presses by Susan Marquez

This article discusses Ke's upbringing, his career, the great influence that he has had on his students at the University of Central Florida, and the role that his studio and Hoopsnake Press has played in the creative expansion and revival of Tupelo, Mississippi.

A Road More Traveled by Karen Parr-Moody

"The paintings and woodcuts of Ke Francis can be simultaneously naïve and haunting, reminding one of the range of Mexican folk artists with their topics teetering from workaday life—Diego Rivera’s hearty peasant women rolling out tortillas—to heartbreak, such as the deep symbolism with which Frida Kahlo depicted her personal tragedies.

"Altogether, Francis’s work communicates a similar mélange of emotions and dark moods, along with the tradition of storytelling that Mexican folk artists, as well as Southern folk artists, have long possessed."

 Photograph by Allen Clark

Photograph by Allen Clark