LYNWOOD: Closing Event


Show Closing & Meet the Artist

April 1st

8pm - 10pm

1037 Park Street (2nd floor), Jacksonville FL

Photos by Jesse Brantman,

          Spencer McMullen is a young artist, a Jacksonville-native, whose work is heavily influenced by ideas of intimacy and identity. Based in Los Angeles, McMullen's work is aligned with ideas of celebrity. Many of his drawings become adorned with contemporary American iconographies, such as the flag, prevalent brands, and themes of consumption infiltrate McMullen's work. He juxtaposes opposing symbols in order to question standards within society.

        McMullen creates colorful graphite and ink illustrations that juxtapose subject matter often concerning intimacy, sexuality, identity, and egoism. The work's obsession with the self, an ironic youthful despair, and shameless flamboyancy captures what it means to be a young person living today, physically and digitally.