Installation view of "Floridians" at Florida Mining Gallery in 2012

Florida Mining is a contemporary art gallery founded by Steve Williams in 2011. As an entrepreneur, artist, and visionary, Williams has remained a significant proponent and figure in the Jacksonville arts community for over twenty years. Since opening Pedestrian Gallery with Jim Draper in 1997, Steve has made a career out of splitting his time between artistic and commercial ventures. He has worked as the CEO of internationally recognized sign company, Harbinger Sign, as well as being a successful commercial real estate developer, and an artist. Exhibiting work by artists including Marcus Kenney, Robert Mapplethorpe, Ed Ruscha, Swoon, and John Waters, Steve has helped to build Jacksonville's artistic infrastructure within the context of Southeastern-US art. Currently acting as the Owner and Director of Florida Mining Gallery, he works to present work that captures the themes and zeitgeist of the south.

Gallery hours are Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

Main Location 5300 Shad Road, Jacksonville, FL 32257

Project Space 1037 Park Street (2nd floor), Jacksonville, FL 32204

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