Jeremiah Jossim


Jeremiah Jossim’s paintings are an amalgamation of imagined and remembered space. They speak to his fondness for the natural environment and interest in how we live on the land. The work experiments with the landscapes formal elements but also touches upon its deep connection to being human. His pictures look at the landscape as an object of nostalgia and memory especially relating to the perception of home. He is interested in the recollections of places that are deeply rooted in memory and the subconscious, areas that he will never be able to fully separate from himself. Jossim paints that feeling of uncertainty and reminiscence he has for the places he’s known and the homes he wishes to see in the land. The idea and architecture of home is an integral part of his painting. He is fascinated by the legacy of where we come from and how it can be a place, a structure, or even an archetype. These paintings investigate the shape and the feeling of the land, exploring the landscapes psychological effect on our personal sense of place.



September 24, 2021
November 12, 2021

Fragile Horizon

Jeremiah Jossim

Fragile Horizon is a feeling Jeremiah Jossim has for the future, a reference to the precarious state of our relationship with the land. Jossim has produced a series of paintings over the last year, that express deep reverence for his time spent in less human spaces and in the alternative nature of camping. This collection revels in the joy of observing, and in the quietness of a moment. It is an idealized and abstracted body of work; every element of the picture plane is shifted into patterns. Some geometric in nature and others resembling topographical maps and geological strata.

November 9, 2020
February 5, 2021


Betsy Cain

Marcus Kenney

Emily Earl

Jeremiah Jossim

Malc Jackson

We read it, we watch it. We feel it in our hearts, souls, and dreams. We sense it in the air, we see it on the news, and we experience it in our art. We are changing— the culture has changed, morphed, transitioned, and shifted. There are many ways to describe it, but we all feel it.

We are living in an Epoch.

Art is a living record, it always has been. Art that is created out of the experiences of this time will be a lasting document of the confounding era we are living through. The art in this exhibit is an attempt to create a visual representation of how we are collectively feeling about what we are all enduring.