Marcus Kenney


Marcus Kenney Marcus Kenney (M.F.A., photography, 1999) is a sculptor, painter, and photographer whose paintings, photographs, and installations have been exhibited at museums, institutions, galleries and art fairs around the world. He has been included in numerous group shows and solo exhibitions and his paintings and installations are held in many private and public collections. Publications including Art in America, New American Paintings, ART PAPERS, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Art voices Magazine, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, NY Arts Magazine and ART news have reviewed his work to critical acclaim. A Louisiana-native, Kenney lives and works in Savannah, Georgia



October 10, 2022
March 24, 2023

Collectors Series

Marcus Kenney

Sheila Goloborotko

Betsy Cain

Susan Hable

Hiromi Moneyhun

Rotating series of works from Florida Mining artists. Shown here: Works by Elise Thompson, Ashley Woodson Bailey, and Marcus Kenney, at Fashion Group International event featuring Miami designers QueenJeaneen and Yesdnilco.

November 9, 2020
February 5, 2021


Betsy Cain

Marcus Kenney

Emily Earl

Jeremiah Jossim

Malc Jackson

We read it, we watch it. We feel it in our hearts, souls, and dreams. We sense it in the air, we see it on the news, and we experience it in our art. We are changing— the culture has changed, morphed, transitioned, and shifted. There are many ways to describe it, but we all feel it.

We are living in an Epoch.

Art is a living record, it always has been. Art that is created out of the experiences of this time will be a lasting document of the confounding era we are living through. The art in this exhibit is an attempt to create a visual representation of how we are collectively feeling about what we are all enduring.